About Us


About Us

Formed back in 2014, Identical Suns has been writing and recording ever since.

That work resulted in their first self titled debut “Identical Suns” in 2015, a ten song release. The band, consisting of primary members Todd Stanton, Andrew Stanton and Rene Rodriguez, have been working on new songs since that initial release. The new album, Week Minded, is the result of that continuous work including Bobby Storm and Mitch Trompeter on bass and drums, respectively.

This new album is based on song ideas that have moved the Identical Suns dial in a new direction, exploring sounds and styles which have opened up the musical landscape. When the group was formed they were simply writing songs with no idea that they would form an album. This time, it was different. They were working with the concept that all these songs would end up being together as an artistic statement. Each of these songs have allowed the main songwriter to open up different styles, which they know will find a way into your ears.

We hope you enjoy this as much as they enjoyed making it.